From Rooftop Garden To IGA Cart In Just A Few Minutes

Sourced from The Suburban

IGA extra Famille Duchemin nestled in Montreal’s Saint-Laurent borough is taking its rooftop garden, the largest organic supermarket green roof garden in the country, to a whole new level. Customers can now see the produce they want to buy harvested before their very eyes.

Using a digital kiosk that’s accessible to customers, you can now choose the produce you want and see it harvested live via a camera located on the roof…the products are then shipped down to your cart less than five minutes later. This service will be offered Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, between 8 a.m. and noon.

“Food freshness is important for our customers. When you stop to think about the thousands of kilometres some foods need to travel to get to our plate, our rooftop crop totally takes fresh to a whole new level: the fruits and vegetables are literally picked before our customers’ eyes!” explains IGA extra Famille Duchemin co-owner Richard Duchemin.

The project was a resounding success last year. Every single fruit and vegetable harvested on the roof was sold without fail. Most popular products included spring salad mixes (⅓ of total sales), kale, red bell peppers, and tomatoes. The rooftop garden won two awards in the 2018 DUX Grand Prix Awards under Projets and Coups de cœur du public.

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