Using Green Infrastructure To Reduce Flooding

Sourced from Michigan Radio

How can cities reduce flooding caused by increasingly intense rain storms?

More often, it's flooding in areas not known for a lot of flooding in the past. That happened in Detroit in 2014. It caught everyone by surprise as interstates and neighborhoods were suddenly under water.

Pat Bosch lives in the Outer Drive Conner neighborhood in northeast Detroit. She says the natural floodplains have sometimes disappeared.

“When we researched the history of our neighborhood, we were shocked that once Conner Creek flowed as a natural body of water through the whole northeast side. But, slowly the city encroached on it and ultimately made it into the city sewer system. Mother Nature always wins. So, how do we mitigate it now?”

Organizations have been collaborating to see where things such as rain gardens can be incorporated along existing greenways and trails.

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