Raising The Stakes — And The Crops — With Balcony Gardening

Sourced from the Toronto Star

How can a condo building be a net contributor to our urban green space?

The answer is: When residents maximize the green value of their balconies.

If you add up the square footage of every balcony on a residential highrise in the GTA, it will likely exceed the footprint of the building itself. Under the City of Toronto Green Roof Bylaw — which requires all new construction over 2,000 square metres to have a green roof — buildings now possess tremendous potential to increase the overall green space in our cities while doing their job of providing housing for a growing population.

The greening possibilities can only be realized when residents take advantage of their outdoor space and grow plants on their balconies. But note that plants with the ability to thrive on a balcony must enjoy wind and harsh sunlight — especially with a south and west exposure. Not all plants fit this bill.

Our tips to make the most of your balcony garden experience:

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