Grass Roofs are Becoming Popular Energy Savers Around Milwaukee

Sourced from WTMJ-TV Milwaukee

High above some of Milwaukee's tallest buildings are gardens. These grass roofs as they're called are becoming more and more popular.

For more than 58 years the goats on the green roof at Al Johnson's restaurant in Door County have been a tourist attraction.

But forget about the four-legged friends. We're focused on that grassy roof.

Turns out that grass is a huge energy saver.

So companies, museums, libraries, you name it, are putting grass on their roofs, minus the goats.

The Milwaukee area has so many great parks, but now there are green spaces popping up high above the ground.

"It's a great idea. You get multiple benefits," said William Gonwa with MSOE.

From the ground, you'd never know there's a garden on the roof of MSOEs Grohmann Museum.

Gonwa says it does so much more than look pretty.

"You have this evaporation, and evaporation causes cooling, so by having a green roof up here, you actually cool the roof," he said. 

That cuts energy costs. It also reduces sewer overflow.

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