The Core: How a Building With a Living Wall is Creating a Paradise for Businesses

Sourced from Chronicle Live

The “living wall” of lush green plants and insect hives running up The Core in Newcastle make it one of the most recognisable office blocks in the North East.

And as well as being eye-catching the building is also remarkable for the effect it has had on Newcastle as a whole.

The Core originally opened its doors in 2014, marking the first stage of the Science Central urban development project.

The building aims to provide a home to science and technology businesses and those attempting to fix future problems and this mission has led to it attracting some of the most innovative firms in the region.

“Future problems” is quite wide ranging in its definition but covers companies who are looking to fix energy problems, work on new technology, or deal with waste disposal or over population issues.

The Core’s niche market has paid off and it is currently operating at a 92% occupancy level. Those wishing to take up space in the building often face lengthy waits to join the environmentally friendly office space.

“We were previously in offices in Pink Lane but only because we couldn’t get in here,” says Gemma Johnson, head of operations at medical app Changing Health. “It’s a new development that is the face for science and technology companies.”

The building offers everything you would expect from a modern office block. Tenants are able to take advantage of additional meeting rooms, conference space, ultra-fast internet, and are able to attend regular networking events ran by The Core’s team.

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