Key Lessons Learned from over 60 Years of Roofing, 45 Years of Plaza Waterproofing and 20 Years of Waterproofing Green Roofs

Sourced from the Living Architecture Monitor

Keeping the moisture out of a building is far from the most sexy or thrilling aspect of designing a Green Roof (for most people) but it still remains absolutely critical to the success of any green roof project. Failure to keep the water out and where it belongs can cause significant, ruinous costs both during and after installation of a green roof besides discouraging development of other green roof projects.

A properly designed, installed and maintained green roof will last longer than brick and mortar.  If an installation is anything less than it could be, it can jeopardize a major green roof benefit of extending the life expectancy of the waterproofing system.  Sustainability in roofing is, in large part, making things last longer and sending less waste to the dumps.

My experience with actual installations, manufacturing, consulting, chairing and co-authoring two RCI eight hour green roof courses, speaking at numerous Green Roofs for Healthy Cities conventions, my appreciation of biophilia and of excellence in general have taught me many lessons which may be instructive for anyone involved with green roof design or installation.  As green roof markets continue to grow the art and science of green roofs will continue to evolve.

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