Green Roof Changes Move Forward at Denver City Council

Sourced from Denver Business Journal

After 27 hours of meetings, Mayor Hancock's Green Roof Initiative Task Force reached a consensus on recommended changes to the Green Roof Initiative at a Monday City Council meeting.

The changes appeared to be well received by Denver’s City Council and the public in attendance. Kathie Barstnar, executive director of the Colorado chapter of commercial real estate development association NAIOP and co-chair of Citizens for a Responsible Denver — a group that initially opposed the green roof proposal — said she approves of the most recent changes.

“This gives us more benefit in the environmental realm than the original ordinance would have,” Barstnar said during the public comment section of the meeting.

Barstnar said she preferred the task force process, which brought together stakeholders to create a working ordinance, rather than starting out with what she originally called a broken policy with major flaws.

“The one size fits all is never going to work,” Barstnar said.

During the meeting, the task force presented its final proposal, which provides developers and contractors many more options than the initial proposal. The group has been meeting since January.

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