A Guide to Creating a Glorious Green Roof

Sourced from New Atlas

Green roofs have become more and more achievable over the past few years, with numerous products coming onto the market and a greater understanding of green roof construction and benefits. Here is an introductory guide to what the advantages are, whether a green roof would suit your house, and how you can go about getting one.

Why build a green roof?
Green roofs provide a variety of benefits to you and your home, from reducing energy costs through to effective insulation, filtration of air (depending on the species of plants you choose) and, of course, aesthetic beauty. There are also benefits that help on a larger scale, such as reduction of the urban heat island effect, retention and reduction of stormwater run-off into our oceans, and increasing the natural habitat of fauna within urban environments. All of these benefits add up to creating a better living environment that can also increase the value of your property.

Would a green roof suit my house?
This is an important question, the answer to which will be dependent on whether you want to retrofit a green roof to your existing home or include in a new-build design.

Important factors to consider are:
How big will the green roof be? Will the roof be sloped? Will it require a lot of substrate or will it be shallow? What kind of structure underlies your existing roof? How will it drain? How will it be watered? Answering these questions will begin to determine whether a green roof is suitable for your home. I would also recommend engaging a professional with knowledge in green roofs before beginning any works.

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