Rolling Wildflower Roof Covers Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners-Designed Scottish Distillery

Sourced from Dezeen

Undulations in the green roof of the Macallan Distillery by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners hint at the bulbous whisky stills situated below.

Cut into the hills of Speyside, the new distillery sits on the Easter Elchies estate in Scotland, which has been home to the single malt whisky since 1824.

Costing £140 million, the centrepiece of the whisky-making building is a rippling timber roof formed of 380,000 individual components – almost none of which are the same.

"The vision was always ambitious, but this enabled us to challenge our own thinking to create something so dramatic and awe-inspiring," said Graham Stirk, senior partner at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and lead architect on the Macallan Distillery project.

As Speyside is a designated Area of Great Landscape Value the distillery had to be sensitive to its environment, while still allowing Macallan to increase its production by up to a third.

By digging the building into the side of the naturally sloping land, the humpback roofs covered in Scottish wildflowers appear as a natural extension of the landscape. This also allows for unobstructed views of the Easter Elchies House, which was built in 1700.

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