Portion of Police Department's Green Roof Relocated to New York City Building

Sourced from the Battle Creek Enquirer

A portion of the green roof from the Battle Creek Police Department will live on in New York City.

The police station, scheduled for demolition once the department's new offices open later this summer, has had until this week a roof covered with plants.

Workers removed about 4,500 square feet of the sedum plants and moss covering and trucked them to New York Wednesday. They were installed on a building for the New York Parks Department, according to Clayton Rugh, director of XeroFlor America in Durham, N.C., the company which installed the roof on the police department.

The plants were pulled apart like sections of sod, rolled, placed on pallets and lifted by a loader from the roof of the building to a waiting semi.

"The plants were in fantastic condition," Rugh said Thursday. "The components can last for decades."

Rugh said the company began last summer searching for a possible location for the roof material after Battle Creek decided to build a new police station. The roof was created in 2005.

"The took just the plants," said Kurt Tribbett, engineering administrator with Battle Creek's Public Works Department.

On Thursday afternoon Tribbett joined Police Lt. Doug Bagwell, Tiffany Welsh, environmental & storm service manager and Darian Couturier, a maintenance employee assigned to city hall and the police department, for a look at the roof.

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