Green Infrastructure Foundation Launches the Living Architecture Performance Tool to Improve Policy Making and Performance

Sourced from the Living Architecture Monitor

Over the past five years Green Roofs for Healthy Cities - and more recently the Green Infrastructure Foundation - have been working to establish a set of performance criteria and metrics that apply to green roofs and walls: the Living Architecture Performance Tool (LAPT). The LAPT is to green roofs and walls what LEED is to green buildings: it takes a very complex system of technologies, environments, and performance levels, and makes it understandable.
The LAPT is a 110-credit system that covers the wide range of potential performance benefits, and which ties into and builds upon existing rating systems such as LEED and SITES. The goal of this project is to improve the performance of living architecture systems by ensuring that they meet minimum standards, and act as a guide for future policy making, project design, installation, and maintenance.

LAPT is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Design, installation, maintenance professionals and building owners/developers can use it to maximize potential benefits, identify synergies, ensure long-lasting living architecture projects by strengthening maintenance practices, improve branding and marketing, and integrate living architecture projects into buildings to prevent value engineering
  • Policy makers can adopt the LAPT (in whole or part) to inform regulatory or incentive programs, outsource compliance when expertise or capacity does not exist in-house, and ensure living architecture policies are effective by maximizing public benefits
  • Product manufacturers can develop new products, innovate, or market existing high-performing products to help maximize benefits and achieve LAPT credits

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