King's College Hospital Is Planning Roof Garden for Patients on Life-Support

Sourced from Southwark News

King’s College Hospital is raising £1.6 million for a new roof garden which will even be open to patients on life-support.

Doctors hope the hospital garden will help critically-ill people who are suffering from conditions such as delirium to recover more quickly.

The garden will be specially equipped so patients can benefit from fresh air while still receiving their treatment.

The proposed garden is part of a £100 million overhaul for King’s College Hospital, which will become the UK’s largest critical care centre when a new 60-bed unit opens in two stages in summer 2018 and early 2020.

The hospital described the new build as a ‘new global standard in patient care’, in a building ‘combining technology, art and architecture’, which was designed with the help of patients.

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