Park-Like Green Office Simulates Recreational Ground to Promote Productivity

Sourced from Design Boom

The belief that a nice physical working environment promotes productivity has seen huge amounts invested into office design in the 21st century. from smaller shared work spaces to mega complexes like amazon’s recently opened spheres, for nature deprived city-dwellers the ‘green office’ has seen an evolution towards natural oases, believing that plant-form filled spaces further enhance our ability to work. Such is demonstrated in Japanese studio Studio Happ and 07 Beach’s collaborative design for the Vietnam offices of this tourism company in Ho Chi Minh City which takes inspiration from the open-air environment of a park to promote well-being.

07 Beach and Studio Happ designed the space to reflect the unconstrained attitude of the brand whilst stimulating the creativity of the staff. 5 floors provide a space to work for the 500 staff, meanwhile a central hub offers a relaxing green area on a communal floor for events, meetings and breaks.

While the working area is placed at a distance from the windows, its perimeter has been designed as relaxing green outline. An undulating lawn works as seating for an event, to lounge and relax, or hold a meeting place in a more intimate atmosphere. Living plants stand near windows capturing the light whilst giving the sense of being in a park or a field. At the centre, a meeting room can be used flexibly, as a small private room or one large room controlled by a partition.

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