Green Wall and EV points for Southampton

Sourced from Air Quality News

The city is to trial a ‘Green Wall’ on the Western Approach in the Payne’s Road area near Millbrook railway station, and is liaising with landowners to consider extending it if successful.

Construction starts this week (26 March) alongside some newly planted trees, which, it is hoped, will substantially improve the environment, making the area more attractive, especially for cyclists.

Cabinet member for sustainable living, Councillor Christopher Hammond, said: “The city council is fully committed to finding a range of ways to improve air quality. Green Walls are acknowledged as being a remedy for poor air quality, so it’s right that we trial it on one of our most polluted roads.

“Initially the Green Wall will look just like any other fencing, and over time greenery will be grown up and over, creating an efficient urban pollutant filter, yielding rapid and sustained improvements in street-level air quality.”

Charging points
A total of 30 new electric vehicle charging points have gone live in five of the council’s multi-storey car parks (MSCP). These are available to any car park customer and will be free for three months after which there will be a review.

The chargers are capable of 22kw (fast) but are dynamically load balanced so if more chargers are occupied, the kw level reduces to ensure that too much supply is not used, the city explained.

The installation and free use of the chargers is funded from the council’s Electric Vehicle Action Plan. Eventually, a citywide network is planned with the number of chargers and locations will be established through a feasibility study.

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