Vincent Callebaut Creates "Biophilic" Building With Sinuous Balconies And Inhabited Trees

Sourced from World Architecture

Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures, well-known with its eco-perspective and green visionary architecture, has unveiled plans for a new low-rise mixed-use development in Angers city, the western part of France. 

Named Arboricole, the 10-story building with a rooftop is comprised of a mix of a program, including 50 vegetated, adaptable, and experimental apartments, a next-generation hotel residence, bar, beer brewery, and concert hall, a cultural nursery for the development of artistic projects and a gourmet rooftop restaurant.

Designed as a "biophilic project" focusing on "a smart building concept", the 9,400-square-metre building combines plants and advanced renewable energies with its sinuous balconies. Described as "biomimetics-inspired architectural prototype" by the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, Arboricole takes its name from a Latin word "arbor": tree and "colo", which means to cultivate, to live. Arboricole refers to trees, whether it be living in trees or growing trees, known as arboriculture.

Developed by Bouygues Immobilier Group and the French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), the project was named among the five finalists for the Gambetta site during the international competition “Imagine Angers” organized by Christophe Béchu, mayor of Angers.

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