Science-backed Finnish Green Wall Innovation is a Quantum Step for Healthier Indoor Spaces

Sourced from PR News Wire

The future of office design has begun to turn "outside-in" as the best of the natural world begins to infiltrate our interior environments. From Amazon's recently opened plant-filled office in Seattle, WA to Google's biophilic Chicago headquarters, this movement is taking shape in some of the most innovative organizations and offices in the world.  Finnish health tech company Naava aims to expand this movement through its revolutionary "forest in a furniture" innovation, an intelligent and automated Naava active green wall. With over 1000 installations in the Nordics and the USA, Naava is the global leader in biological indoor air purification.

The innovation delivers a system of active biofilters which magnify the air purification power of plants and create fresh, natural air indoors, while also enhancing interior aesthetics through biophilia. Naava green walls revolutionize the future of the office environment, welcoming you to the great indoors.

Leveraging research performed by NASA, Naava has created an air-purifying technology that actively draws air through the root zone of the plant to reduce harmful organic compounds often found in indoor air. Three separate, independent studies performed by BRE, the VTT Technological Research Center of Finland and two Finnish universities now demonstrate the efficiency of this revolutionary technology, showcasing that the Naava system not only exceeds pollutant removal expectations, it also dramatically surpasses the pollutant reduction capabilities of typical indoor potted plants and static green walls.

"Each respective study provides our customers with proof that Naava really has a measurable effect on indoor air quality. For those who have suffered the effects of poor indoor air; headaches, eye irritation, or respiratory problems that have caused cognitive function to be diminished, there is now scientific evidence of Naava's air purification capacity. We are proud to showcase the effect Naava may have on human health and wellness within the built environment," said Naava's head of research, PhD, Jarno Mikkonen.


A new study published on February 15, 2018 in Science magazine concludes that everyday chemicals now rival cars as a source of air pollution. As people spend on average 90% of their time indoors according to the EPA, reducing the amount of chemicals in indoor air is paramount to human health. Naava green wall technology has been created to meet this modern need.

As urbanization increases and humans become disconnected with nature, a trend to deliver human health and wellness attributes within the built environment has emerged. Certifications bodies, such as LEED and the WELL Building Standard, have led the way in enabling the built environment to act as a vehicle to environmental and human sustainability and product manufacturers are taking notice, developing more eco-friendly, health and wellness focused products. Naava may very well be leading the way. By delivering biophilic elements, improved air quality, optimized indoor humidity and acoustical benefits, Naava green walls enable wellness inspired spaces and may contribute to achieving points within numerous features of the foremost environmental and human sustainability certifications.

By altering the typical methodology of placing green walls in lobby areas, Naava focuses on the development and installation of modular green wall systems which may be readily placed in occupied areas, maximizing the impact on humans throughout an indoor space. With over 20 Naava units installed at the new Delos headquarters at 860 Washington Street in New York City, Naava is leading the way in supporting and creating visual exemplifications of wellness throughout one of the most wellness-oriented offices in the world.

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