How To Create An Eco Home

Sourced from the New Zealand Herald

As the summer months start to fade away and the days get colder, we naturally spend more time indoors. It's important to create a home that is clean, cosy, stylish and kind to the environment. New Zealanders of all ages are becoming more aware of how what they buy affects the planet. There are plenty of design and technological innovations on the market today that help create an ecologically sound and stylish home. From bringing nature indoors to re-using older materials or the latest developments in the internet of things, here are four key trends for 2018.

Grow your own

One of the most enduring eco trends is also the simplest: plants. Even if you live in a top floor apartment, there are ways to incorporate plants into your home. Not only do they look great, plants help purify the air and you can eat some of them. For the complete novice, mint and rocket are both incredibly easy to grow and useful for cooking. If you are more ambitious, a living wall or green roof is a modern and cool garden addition in a smaller space. Another option that looks great and works for smaller apartments is a terrarium, which can contain cacti and bonsai trees. If you are based in Auckland, Bioattic on Ponsonby road is a perfect place to look for inspiration.

Cleaner indoor air

Keeping your home clean and safe should be at the top of anyone's interior wish list and that can start with something as basic as the paint you use. Choosing a paint that is low in volatile solvents means fewer fumes when painting, and cleaner air. Look for paints that are free from formaldehyde, benzene, fungicide and insecticides.

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