How to Grow a Vertical Garden: Tips for Growing a Plant Wall at Home

Sourced from BT Home

You may have seen them cropping up in shops, restaurants and even on the side of buildings. But how on earth do you go about creating your own living wall, a vertical garden if you were that can be planted with flowers, foliage and grass?

The gardening experts at Dobbies have shared their tips for building one in your garden - or even if your house!

1. Choose your space
You can build your wall on any solid wall or fence, or on wood to create a custom wall that can be moved around. The walls can also be build indoors in any room you like - simply screw in rows of battens to fill the space you require.

You’ll need a structurally sound wall, fence or even a sturdy shed. Screw in rows of 2in x 1in treated battens 38cm apart to fill the space, checking with a spirit level as you go to make sure they’re straight.

2. Screw in the planters
Using an electric screwdriver and working from the bottom up, attach the plastic planters to the battens. You can then click and lock the planters into each other and build up your wall in staggered rows.

3. Get watering
Starting at the top, water your wall with a hose or watering can. The reservoir system is designed to keep plants watered for up to two weeks.

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