Scotscape Works With Gravitas International to Introduce New Type of Living Wall

Sourced from Horticulture Week

Scotscape and Gravitas International have launched a new living wall product which they say doubles as a retaining wall.

Flex MSE, which stands for mechanincally stabalised earth, is a patented soil-based system for creating retaining walls.

The system builds naturally resilient and flexible Geo-modular retaining structures of up to almost any height and length, according to Scotscape. It says that with Flex MSE, walls can be planted over 100% of the surface face with a huge variety of plants, including hydro-seeding.

The material is soft but exhibits hard material qualities, Scotscape said. It has a 120 ASTM System Life rating, nearly twice that of concrete and a 75-year warranty.

"Flex MSE adapts to settlement and heave situations that challenge conventional rigid retaining systems, such as concrete, brick and timber, by its flexible nature, and only gets stronger and greener as time goes on," Scotscape said.

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