Conceptual Towers Stand High Above Manhattan's Flood Line

Souced from New Atlas

If sea levels keep rising over the coming decades, where does that leave buildings located in coastal cities like New York City? This is a question addressed by NYC-based firm DFA with its conceptual design for a cluster of flood-resistant residential high-rises in Manhattan.

DFA's development would comprise 19 towers situated on Manhattan's existing Pier 40. The firm used an algorithm to calculate which of the pier's structural piles would be suitable to support the towers and this data informed their layout.

Working from the assumption that future rises in sea levels will inevitably flood the area, the idea is that the towers would still remain accessible. The lobbies of the towers would be used until the waters rose too high, then residents would make use of observation terraces located above the lobbies to enter the towers. An undulating deck would ensure easy access and the landscaping would also take flooding into account.

Existing elevator shafts would still be used after flooding. We'd hope that the project would take structural issues into consideration, such as protecting the towers against salt water, though the proposal makes no mention of such things.

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