India-Based Developer Plans for Green Rooftops Residential Community in Frisco

Sourced from Community Impact Newspaper

A brand new residential development never before seen in the United States is on its way to Frisco.

India-based Total Environment is planning a 121-home community distinguished by its houses with native plants covering the domed rooftops.

City leaders have called the development innovative, beautiful and a risk, and the one question Shashi Ketu gets asked often is, “Will I have to mow my roof?”

The answer is no, residents will not have to mow their roofs, said Ketu, Total Environment’s CEO for Texas Operations. Given that this is the first Total Environment project in the country, Ketu has fielded a lot of questions from city staff and residents.

The idea behind these homes is to blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors, Ketu said. Total Environment has built apartments and single-family homes in India, each either with its own garden or green rooftop.

“It’s about using natural materials; it’s about bringing the outdoors inside; it’s about designing and building around nature,” Ketu said.

The company has looked to expand into the United States for some time and at one point considered properties in California, Ketu said. But after seeing the population growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Ketu said he began looking in Texas. He said he found the right culture and the “perfect” property in Frisco.

“It’s probably the most beautiful piece of property in North Dallas,” he said. “We wanted water, we wanted trees, and we got both of that on the property.”

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