ITC Midwest Receives Environmental Award

Sourced from The Gazette

Independent electricity transmission company ITC Midwest has been recognized for its environmental initiatives in Iowa City.

ITC Midwest recently received the 2018 Wildlife Habitat Council Green Infrastructure Project Award, according to a November news release.

The award was earned for the company’s rain garden project at ITC Midwest’s Iowa City warehouse, located at 635 Ruppert Rd.

“ITC is committed to practicing and promoting environmental stewardship, and we are pleased to receive this recognition for the rain garden at the Iowa City warehouse,” ITC Midwest President Krista Tanner said in an email. “Whether it be at our offices and warehouses or associated with the construction and maintenance of our electricity transmission infrastructure, ITC will continue to make environmentally friendly practices a priority in all of the communities we serve.”

The garden was constructed in 2011 and is considered “a model of stormwater quality management,” the release states.

Designed with plants and loose fill, the garden can absorb around 4,000 gallons of precipitation runoff during any precipitation event. With nearby interpretive signage, employees can monitor the rain gardens and document plant health and the presence of wildlife.

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