Green Roof Bus Shelter Prototype to be Built on UBC Campus

Sourced from DailyHive

Students at the University of British Columbia are looking to build the first prototype of a so-called Tree Canopy Bus Shelter, on the Point Grey campus.

The bus shelter will be built out of a wooden structure, with an overhead canopy that doubles as a green roof. Flood and drought-resistant plants on the canopy will act like a sponge to absorb the rain, and excess water will be filtered through three levels of soil.

Overflow water on the roof will drain into a ground-level rain garden built adjacent to the bus shelter before percolating into the ground.

Such a concept is inspired by how rainwater reaches the forest floor, as the layered canopies of forests “delay” stormwater from reaching the ground.

A wider application of green roofs could help urban areas address stormwater management problems, especially during periods of heavy rainfall resulting in high drainage outfalls.

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