Biophilic Design Can Make a Splash in the Hospitality Industry

Sourced from Hospitalitynet

The first hotel adheres to convention, with all the standard amenities a visitor would expect. It's comfortable but commonplace, with nothing out of the ordinary to note and hardly worth the time it takes to leave a review. Its design is safe and typical, with an appeal that's modern but hardly progressive.

The second hotel draws the viewer's attention, integrating greenery to achieve a harmonic balance between the natural and artificial. Clever infrastructure employs the landscape to incredible effect, and there's a powerful sense of serenity. It's a place not only to sleep, but also to rest and recover from the day.

For many travelers, the first hotel is the one they're most familiar with. They've grown accustomed to simple accommodations that lack ingenuity or imagination, settling for a room and not an experience. Many are content with a working shower, washed sheets, sliding curtains and a functional lock.

However, it's the responsibility of those in hospitality to innovate. With the implementation of biophilic design into hotels, professionals can provide those under their care with something better. Here's why green elements enhance a guest's stay, and how this trend is gaining ground.

Health and Wellness

Travel can prove stressful for busy business people on a schedule, always rushing to catch the next flight or get to a meeting on time. While it's acceptable to offer them a complimentary cup of coffee before they leave in the morning, that's not the standard most hospitality professionals want to keep.

In much the same way, when that businessperson checks into a hotel, they'll likely have the next day's agenda on their mind. Findings have shown a connection to nature reduces stress and irritability, with a positive impact on an individual's well-being. In other words, biophilia contributes to human health and wellness.

Biophilic design can manifest as an illustrated tree on a wall covering or an actual tree on the premises. Even the suggestion of nature has the potential to improve the condition of a guest. Regardless of budget, a small hotel can usually find the money and space for a simple change.

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