New Toolkit From New Jersey Future Helps Municipal Leaders Fight Pollution and Flooding

Sourced from Insider NJ

New Jersey’s municipalities are facing the growing problem of nuisance flooding and polluted waterways.To help municipalities address these problems, New Jersey Future today released the Green Infrastructure Municipal Toolkit: an interactive, online resource to any community in New Jersey, whether new to the opportunities green infrastructure presents or already implementing GI and seeking more specific expert guidance. The toolkit contains detailed information, expert guidance and a variety of tools that cities and towns can use to plan, implement, and sustain green infrastructure in public- and private-sector development projects.

“Green infrastructure has become a mainstream stormwater management technique in much of the country,” said Louise Wilson, New Jersey Future’s green infrastructure manager. “We believe this toolkit will be a big help to New Jersey communities — especially in view of expected updates to the state’s stormwater management rules that will require the use of green infrastructure, making it the go-to strategy for pollution prevention and flood mitigation. And that’s a very good thing.”

Green infrastructure describes a range of stormwater management strategies that enable stormwater or melting snow to soak into soils near where if falls or that capture runoff for a beneficial reuse such as irrigation or flushing toilets. These techniques conserve and clean runoff that has become contaminated with pollutants like motor oil, trash, fertilizer, pesticides and animal waste, and they are cost-effective ways to meet regulatory requirements while also delivering valuable broader economic and societal benefits.

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