The Dutch and Innovation: Installing Blue and Green roofs in Amsterdam

Sourced from Dutch Review

The Dutch strike once again with innovation, as they begin installing blue and green roofs in Amsterdam. Here is everything you need to know about this awesome innovative project.

What does installing blue and green roofs in Amsterdam actually mean?

The idea of blue and green roofs is a new form of sustainability, that will be implemented in four areas of Amsterdam. These new roofs are able to collect excess water under their vegetation. This would allow to better protect our homes and neighborhoods from the effects of heavy showers, as well as heat and drought.

According to Rooftop Revolution, the blue-green roofs can absorb much more water than the ordinary green roofs. This means they can also evaporate moisture longer when it’s hot and dry. This also cools the homes themselves as well as the entire neighborhood.

The new blue and green roofs will also incorporate a system of sensors. This will allow them to retain or release water according to the weather forecast. The roofs will also be linked in a network, which will allow them to work together. In addition, a wider variety of plants can be grown on blue-green roofs, which is good for biodiversity.

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