Regenerating Our Neighbourhoods

Sourced from North Shore News

When Geneviève Noël and husband Maginnis Cocivera founded Mindful Homes™ Ltd. in 2017, their vision was to create spaces for meaningful lives by weaving their designs and architecture into the surrounding landscape.

Their “post-carbon” outlook serves them well, as do their qualifications – Geneviève is a designer from Vancouver’s Emily Carr University and inventor of a patented living wall system, and Maginnis is an architect with Mario Bellini Associates in Milan and Busby Perkins & Will in Vancouver.

The experience they gained when they purchased and rebuilt their own home is a magnificent example of their work.

"Our goal was to create an urban homestead in North Vancouver in which to raise our family, as well as to prototype a mindful, post-carbon lifestyle,” Maginnis explained.

He says that despite the 1960s era bungalow they purchased was in rough shape the structure was still good. They decided to gut and “upcycle” rather than demolish it and start from scratch.

“This diverted tonnes of waste from the landfill, shaved months off the construction schedule and saved several hundred thousand dollars,” he said.

“Keeping the same small footprint, we redesigned the exterior and transformed a traditional single-family home using atypical materials to give it simple lines and to create an unexpected but harmonious expression.”

Inside, they removed walls to create an expansive great room incorporating kitchen, living and dining, anchored by a kitchen island with a wood-burning fireplace beyond.

Geneviève says they chose natural local materials - Douglas fir and West Coast Wave Marble — for their warmth and authenticity, and designed everything to provide a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

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