6 Top-Notch Cities That Got Green Infrastructure Right

Sourced from Blue and Green Tomorrow

Cities all over the world are keeping the future of the planet in mind and focusing on green infrastructure. Here are six of them that made particularly notable gains when meeting that goal.

1. Singapore

Singapore is now known as one of Asia’s greenest cities, but it didn’t always do such an outstanding job on the sustainability front. There was a time when Singapore’s water supplies were so scarce that the city had to import water from Malaysia. However, it made numerous changes, including making two-thirds of the city’s surfaces — like roofs and sidewalks — able to capture rainwater and deposit it to 18 reservoirs.

The city also has a process of purifying used water with advanced methods to recycle it. Beyond water conservation, Singapore’s green infrastructure features a driverless metro and even incorporates sustainability into its meeting venues by helping clients figure out how to make their gatherings as green as possible.

2. Stockholm

In 2010, Stockholm, Sweden became the first European Green Capital. One of the primary reasons for that designation is that Stockholm’s administrative system makes sustainability a priority, including when planning city budgets. People can get around in eco-taxis, which get priority placement at the front of taxi ranks. There are also more than 700 kilometers worth of bike lanes, and a community bicycle rental program.

Not to mention, the city’s Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre features recycled building materials, along with solar panels on its roof.

Aside from having overarching sustainability measures that affect the city at large, Stockholm has an official “eco-district,” located in Hammarby Sjöstad. Its goal is to have half the environmental impact of a typical city. Residents get gas and electricity from renewable sources and live in houses made from raw materials that provide excellent insulation in the winter.

Some of the initiatives put forth in the Hammarby Sjöstad district of Stockholm have been adopted in specific venues outside of Sweden, such as a waste system used at London’s Wembley Stadium.

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