'Green infrastructure' could prevent flooding, beautify your community

Sourced from CBC

There is growing interest in protecting and creating wetlands in New Brunswick as a flood-control tool, according to the head of conservation delivery for the Atlantic arm of Ducks Unlimited.

Adam Campbell says an emerging shift to "green infrastructure" not only alleviates the impact of floods and heavy-rain events but establishes an enjoyable green space in urban centres.

Green infrastructure refers to man-made systems that mimic natural environments, like stormwater ponds, and capture and filter water runoff.

"It's capitalizing on these services that those natural features provide," Campbell told Information Morning Moncton.

"We've lost some over the years and now we're recognizing they do some wonderful things for us."

Ducks Unlimited is a leader in wetland conservation — a mission that proved difficult for years when development outpaced their ability to protect the natural habitats. Campbell said provincial and municipal policies have evened the playing field, and now the organization can focus on protection while also taking on new projects to make up for historical losses.

As flooding and rain events increase in both frequency and severity, governments are keen to find solutions to help mitigate the issue, he said.

"There's no better way to do that than with the natural systems that do that already," he said.

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