These Living Walls Make It Easy To Get Your Greens In

Sourced from Robb Report

In the 1980s, French botanist Patrick Blanc modernized the concept of vertical gardens by creating vegetation systems affixed to walls. Since then, living walls have sprouted up in urban environments—particularly hotels and public spaces—bringing a burst of green to our concrete jungles. Increasingly, however, they are appearing in private homes—a bespoke addition that has many more benefits than just the aesthetic, as plants can also remove pollutants from the air and reduce stress levels. Though hundreds of plants and flowers can be used for living walls, factors such as climate, sun exposure, and client preference influence which ones landscape architects and designers choose for a given project. Each one allows homeowners to bring nature into their residences on their own terms—and doubles as a work of art.

Cool Factor

Scott Hutcheon, the founder and lead designer of Laguna Beach, Calif.–based Seasons Landscaping, recreated an Andy Warhol painting with flowering kalanchoes alongside landscape specialists Lifescapes and has designed vibrant living walls for auto courtyards. One recent, 25-foot-long example in Palos Verdes made with the company’s Aqua Felt wall system features rows of succulents and asparagus. “We design plants for living walls so that there’s a lot of smell and color and texture but also size and volume difference,” says Hutcheon. “The coolness factor of green walls helps mitigate the urban heat island effect, and greenery consumes a lot of pollution.”

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