Reconnecting People with Nature: Green Walls

Sourced from Colorado Real Estate Journal

Humans have a natural disposition to seek and to connect with nature and other forms of life. But people living in urban areas are becoming more disconnected from nature. Plant walls are an easy and stunning way to reconnect them to nature. Plant walls can improve people’s health and mood. A living wall can be a breathing piece of art, and it can create large visual relaxing areas of nature in the built environment. Most living walls put vegetation at eye level for maximum viewability and natural connectivity. Plant walls also improve air quality, help reduce background noise (planted surfaces have low noise reflectivity and high absorption properties) and reduce dust in interior space (large areas of greenery help to minimize dust partial).

There are also some environmental benefits. When a business chooses to install a green wall, it is reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and environmental issues. Green walls also stand out in urban environments, providing visual appeal, creating interest and increasing commercial returns. A green wall has the potential to turn a building into a local landmark. When done right, living walls can increase property value. With sustainable design and an improved carbon footprint being contemporary topics in the building industry, green walls are a desirable feature and may increase a property’s value. Both interior and exterior greenery have been shown to have a positive effect on real estate values.

Plant walls are a great way to reconnect people with nature, but it needs to be done right. To have a successful green wall, some factors will influence the overall success of a living wall.

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