SIUE Named One of Four to Receive Living Architecture Regional Center of Excellence

Sourced from The Alestle

SIUE has been named a Living Architecture Regional Center of Excellence, being one of four universities in the nation to receive this honor.

Associate mechanical and industrial engineering professor Serdar Celik said there was a nationwide call for proposals and SIUE jumped on the opportunity.

“There was a call for proposals from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and Green Infrastructure Foundation, the two of them together. It was a nationwide call for proposals,” Celik said.

With SIUE’s proposal being selected, SIUE is now officially a Living Architecture Regional Center of Excellence center, one of only four in the nation.

“Based on our experiences here since 2004, we submitted a proposal, it was selected and SIUE is now one of the Regional Centers of Excellence nationwide. There are four of them total,” Celik said.

“It will engage SIUE faculty who will do research in the field with other faculty, it will engage our grad and undergrad students with possible work research, it will engage us with the community and industrial partners. There’s just all kinds of networking possibilities in between all those parties,” Celik said.

Susan Morgan, Associate dean of the Graduate School and professor of civil engineering, said that their proposal showcased SIUE’s capabilities.

“[The proposal we submitted] was really around our capabilities and what we’ve done and what we are capable of doing,” Morgan said.

Morgan believes that SIUE is also unique for having so many green research sites.

“We have multiple green roof research sites and one green wall research site, including on roofs, that we were able to do projects on. We’re actually, I think, relatively unique in having all those different sites,” Morgan said.

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