A Rooftop Meadow: Charlottetown Contractor Wants to See More Green Roofs

When Shaman Ferraro gazes across Charlottetown from the 11th-storey green space on the Holman Grand Hotel, he sees a lot of flat, grey roofs.

"You can see the stark difference of the green roof behind me compared to the flat roofs in the area off the Holman."

The hotel has four small green spaces that were put in when the building was constructed in 2011. Ferraro was recently hired to rejuvenate them.

'Beautify the downtown'

But as the owner of Atlantic Green Contractors, Ferraro sees many possibilities.

"We only have four green roofs in Charlottetown," Ferraro said.

"In a city centre that is growing and looking to continue to grow, where tourism is a huge industry and hospitality is a huge industry, I see a lot of opportunity to beautify the downtown."

'Allowing the native species to establish'

One of the biggest benefits of a green roof is evident after heavy rainfalls, Ferraro said. Normally, buildings and parking lots are designed to carry storm water away as quickly as possible into the city's storm sewers.

But sometimes the city's infrastructure can't handle the heavy rain, resulting in flooding and an overflow at the treatment plant.

"One thing a green roof can do is absorb that rainfall and release it at a slower rate," Ferraro said.

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