rooflite® announces first blender in Australia: C Fultons

Landenberg, PA, September 18, 2017 – Skyland USA today announced C Fultons has joined its international rooflite blender network as its first licensed blender in Australia. C Fultons has been delivering premium soil, sands, rock and mulches to the greater Melbourne area for over sixty years. 
As the premier provider of green roof media in the U.S and with international blenders already established in Chile and Mexico, rooflite is excited to expand its global reach with the addition of C Fultons to its blender network. Australia is an area of the world that is primed for huge growth in the green roof industry in the coming decades.
Melbourne is a city that’s changing, according to C Fultons CEO Justin Hart. As city growth and limited space is now requiring the addition of high-rise apartment buildings, rooftop green space is becoming a necessity. And with almost no lightweight soil manufacturers in place to support the Australian green roof industry, C Fultons began a search to find the best lightweight soil provider. After finding rooflite and its full line of green roof soil products, it was an easy choice to partner with the company as the first licensed blender in Australia.
According to Hart, “Becoming a blender for rooflite gives us immediate, straight credibility and gives us a boundless vault of experience and knowledge. We know that we can get in the door from day one as a rooflite blender, and landscape architects can specify rooflite with confidence, get what they order, and it will work.”   
In addition to now offering rooflite soil products, C Fultons is also dedicated to great service and providing a range of good quality products that meet its high standards. And with multiple locations around the edges of Melbourne, it can offer fast delivery to meet customer and project demands, a significant advantage in the sprawling city of Melbourne, which covers a large geographic area.
For rooflite, the addition of C Fultons to its growing blender network is another important step to bringing its high-quality soil products to new areas of the world. “C Fultons is a long-time, respected business in the Melbourne area, and it’s a perfect company to bring rooflite to Australia for the first time,” said Joe DiNorscia, President of Skyland USA. “This expansion into a new continent is a significant milestone for rooflite, and we are excited to work with C Fultons to tap the full potential of the green roof market in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.”   
C Fultons joins a blender network of more than 20 strategic locations in the Americas. Each blender location provides rooflite products that are regionally sourced, produced and shipped.
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Skyland USA produces rooflite®, the highest quality green roof media, and offers a full line of lightweight, green roof soil products, meticulously engineered for a diverse range of green roof applications. With more than 20 strategically located blending locations within the Americas, the rooflite network provides unparalleled expertise in job site logistics and order fulfillment, along with vast technical knowledge and experience. Dedicated to exceptional customer service, rooflite provides a variety of packaging and delivery options, cost-effective, just-in-time logistics, and continuous monitoring of your project through completion. Visit for more information on our green roof media products.

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