What's up with those green roofs in Allentown?

You get quite the view from atop Two City Center in downtown Allentown.

You can see lush, green spaces for miles -- but you can also spot some green on the rooftops, right next door.

"Wherever we can put a green roof on, we will," begins Jim Rosa.

Rosa is the Director of Facilities at City Center Lehigh Valley.

His employer, which owns many of the buildings downtown, has been working to grow the green roof idea.

He lists just a few of them, "One City Center, Two City Center -- built at the same time -- followed by Three City Center, Four City Center..."

The green spaces, on top of more than half a dozen buildings right now in downtown Allentown, are a blend of succulents, about 5-and-a-half-inches thick.

Their job is to capture rainwater and keep it from running into the storm water system.

But that's just the main purpose. They also protect the roof itself, and keep it cooler, thus lowering energy costs a bit.

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