Montreal Supermarket Opens Up A Huge Rooftop Garden

IGA supermarket owner Richard Duchemin took the city's request seriously to install a green roof to his building the extra green mile.

To create a sustainable environment, societies need to rethink how they handle their everyday life style and what their surroundings look like. A big concept we can’t immediately change involves our architecture. Since the roofs of our large buildings don’t do much other than protect the occupant’s heads, some cities have requested the owners of these structures turn them into green roofs for plants to thrive and help improve the immediate environment. Richard Duchemin, the owner of an IGA supermarket in Saint-Laurent in Montreal, was informed by the city he would have to add a green roof to the 25,000 square-food building he owned and he embraced the idea while taking this a step further. He decided to turn it into a garden where his employees would tend to the vegetables and sell the produce to customers.

Two employees tend to the produce grown in the garden by toiling the soil, planting and replanting the vegetables, and pulling them from the ground to bag to customers. To make tending the garden easier they created an irrigation system using the supermarket’s dehumidification system, water that would otherwise have gone to waste. The green roof grows over 30 different kinds of vegetables, such as kale, tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce, radishes, basil, garlic, and much more.

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