The Ins and Outs of Green Wall Installation and Maintenance

We’ve talked before about climbing plants and the different types, but let’s look now at the topic of green walls, also known as vertical gardens, ecowalls or living walls.

According to the company Ambius, which specializes in green wall installation, green walls are panels of plants which are grown vertically using hydroponics. They can be grown on free-standing structures or can be attached to walls.

While the idea of a green wall may be attractive to customers at first, keep in mind that they do come with their own set of difficulties. Take a look at a few of the challenges associated with designing, maintaining and creating green walls.

Green Wall Benefits
Not only are green walls beautiful to look at, they are beneficial to the environment and to your customer’s personal health. Whether the walls are outdoors or indoors, clients can still benefit from all these walls offer.

According to Ambius, studies have shown that green walls can increase a commercial building’s property values by up to 20 percent, and they can help clean the air and absorb pollutants from the environment.

Plants naturally filter the air around us, therefore the air quality of your customer’s office or landscape is sure to increase. This is good news for customers interested in adding a green wall to the exterior of their building or home.

Not only will the added foliage bring a new look to the structure, it will also help protect the outside of the building. Plants can help protect the walls of a building from intense sunlight, heavy rains and acid rains, which over time can harm the structure of building materials.

According to Ambius, green walls can also help reduce energy costs when added onto a building, because they are able to regulate the internal temperature of the building while working from the exterior. If a green wall is installed indoors, it can also help regulate humidity levels.

Green walls can also help cut down on noise pollution. Leaves have a natural ability to absorb sounds, and this ability can help cut down on excess noises and sounds in the workplace or in crowded areas. This can help create a more relaxing environment in the office or home space, and it can help reduce noise for customers who live in crowded areas.

Good landscaping, as you well know, can also boost property values. This can be a big selling point to customers who own their own business or for those just looking to increase the value of their home.

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