Green Roof Outfitters Introduces New Pervious Pavers

ThirstyPave is Green Roof Outfitters new pervious paver line. These ceramic based pavers come in a range of sizes and a variety of colors. The pavers can be used for both ground and rooftop applications.

These pavers are fully penetrable and allow rain water to pass both through and around them at a rate of 2 in/min. Because these are pervious pavers, they do not require large gaps between pavers to maintain permeability. The pavers are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, colors and are ASTM tested.

The biggest benefit to using pervious pavers is their ability to reduce stormwater run-off. Unlike permeable pavers that only allow water to seep into gaps between pavers, pervious pavers allow water to seep into and through the paver itself. This allows more stormwater to seep into the ground and not into overflowing stormwater sewers.

Click here for the ThirstyPave specification sheet

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