Trendy 'Living Wall' Installed at Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant

Lush, green "living walls" made a big impression during ArtPrize 2014: a pattern of plants spelled out a giant word -- "breathe" -- in what was then the B.O.B. parking lot.

You can find living walls in the Downtown Market, and in upscale high-rise condos overlooking the Grand River. 

But the latest installation? Where Grand Rapids treats the city's wastewater. 

A storage building in the back of the city's property at 1300 Market Ave. SW has two sides covered in native greenery. 

The addition is part of the city's effort to re-brand the facility from a familiar "wastewater treatment plant" to, as it is now known, the Water Resource Recovery Facility.

The facility does clean up wastewater, but the department's work goes beyond that. They're responsible for adding rain gardens to city streets and parks projects.

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