Green Wall for Lambeth North Station as Part of Air Quality Plan

A green wall could be installed at the side of Lambeth North Underground Station as part of a new set of measures to tackle poor air quality across the borough.

On Monday night Lambeth Council's cabinet approved a new Air Quality Action Plan for the years 2017 to 2022.

"Lambeth has some of the highest levels of air pollution in the UK," said Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, cabinet member for environment and transport, in her foreword to the action plan.

"Our citizens' health is at risk and it is for this reason that we are determined to forge ahead with our bold and ambitious plans to improve the air quality in our borough.

"Poor air quality affects us all, but disproportionately it is the very old and young and individuals with existing heart and respiratory conditions that suffer the most. It is an invisible killer."

A proposal for a green wall outside Lambeth North Underground Station – similar to the one at Elephant & Castle – is one of the localised measures in the new plan.

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