UNL's Green Fund will provide funding for new green roof on East Campus

A new ASUN Green Fund project is coming to University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus. A small green roof will be installed on the East Campus Recreation Center.

Green roofs are also called living roofs because they are covered in grasses and a variety of plant life. They can help reduce rainwater runoff, reduce energy consumption in the building and add to the aesthetic value of the building.

Kylie Tucker, a sophomore fisheries and wildlife major, is the student leader of the project. In designing the project, Tucker had some help from junior biological systems engineering major Colleen Ocken and sophomore horticulture major Julia Cambridge.

Tucker is also a part of the Environmental Leadership Program and a trip leader for the Outdoor Adventure Center because of her love of the natural environment.

“I love protecting the outdoors and implementing sustainable projects on campus because I spend a lot of time outdoors and understand its beauty and want others to care, too,” Tucker said.

The green roof prototype has been in the planning process since the end of last semester and was approved April 12. The ASUN Green Fund allotted Tucker $2,500 to construct the green roof prototype.

The green roof on East Campus is currently under construction and Tucker hopes the green roof will be finished within the next couple of weeks and will be ready to be enjoyed for next semester.

The chosen grasses for the green roof will continue to grow through the fall. By next semester students will have an aesthetically pleasing green roof prototype to enjoy on top of the East Campus Rec Center.

Tucker knew she wanted to apply for the Green Fund, but she was unsure of what kind of project to present. Her agronomy and horticulture professor, Richard Sutton, suggested the idea of a green roof, something he had researched extensively. Sutton is now serving as the advisor for the project.

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