Living Walls Grow Smooth Aesthetic

Outside of Sharon Burde’s kitchen is a living wall of vibrant green.

Consisting of mostly ferns, the living wall is a product of Seth Stottlemeyer’s work.

Last year, Stottlemeyer, of Oasis Gardenscapes, spoke at the Lunch in the Garden series at Michael’s on the Bay at Selby Gardens. He shared with guests how he learned about living walls, and Burde, a Bayport Beach and Tennis Club resident, was so impressed she decided she had to have one.

“He showed images from New York where he learned this skill, and I have lived in New York.  I know how important it is to have some greenery in your life when you live in tall buildings, and things like living walls or rooftop gardens, or even mini gardens make such a difference in one’s life,” Burde said.

Although Longboat Key isn’t known for its skyline or rooftop gardens, Stottlemeyer thinks living walls are a great fit for condominium living.

“You’re taking a vertical plane and basically creating a garden where you didn’t have much space other than for a couple pots,” he said.

The living walls, which can vary in size and plant compilation, can be installed using different systems. Stottlemeyer relies on recycled plastic and felt pockets.

The plants rest inside the pockets and a timed drip-irrigation system provides the water. Stottlemeyer said living walls can be built in various places and environments.

“If anybody is in a house or condo with a big open wall that they’re wanting to jazz up a little bit, or create a little more interest in that area, a living wall is perfect for that,” he said.

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