City Funding Needed Sooner Rather Than Later for New Canadian Canoe Museum Project

The chairman of the Canadian Canoe Museum's board says the plan for a new building "isn't in jeopardy" after councillors voted to give $2 million instead of $4 million for construction - but officials are still going to ask council to reconsider, before the city's budget is adopted in December.

"You have to be pleased with $2 million - but $4 million was pretty fundamental (to the project)," said chairman John Ronson. "I'm not saying it's putting the project in jeopardy, but it can't help (with fundraising)."

The museum is planning a new $65-million facility to be built next to the Peterborough Lift Lock. Construction is expected to start in a bit more than a year; it's not expected to open until 2021.

Councillors were sitting as the budget committee on Monday when they approved $2 million for the museum.

Yet they didn't want to totally delete the idea of giving $4 million: councillors also voted to have city staff present a report, sometime in 2019, asking the next council to consider giving an additional $2 million.

But Ronson said 2019 is a bit too late for the museum.

"We'll have shovels in the ground, by then," he said.

Meanwhile the decision isn't final until Dec. 11, when council will adopt its budget at a meeting at City Hall.

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