Green Living Reaches for the Sky

EVERYONE loves gardens - they’re colourful, contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and they’re good for the environment.

But they can be hard to find in the concrete jungles of our nation’s cities.

Well, here’s one you won’t be able to miss.

Today, the first plant was installed at Adelaide’s largest vertical garden, or green wall at the $110 million, 22-floor apartment complex Bohem at the corner of Wright and Morphett St.

The ‘green wall’ on the 234-apartment complex will feature more than 2000 plants, all supplied by fifth-generation SA business Heyne’s Wholesale Nursery.

The first tree installed was a crepe myrtle biloxi, and was hoisted up to level six this morning - the last task the site’s crane will perform before being dismantled.

The tree is one of more than 35 different plant species to be installed at the site and will be located on the complex’s entertainment deck overlooking the pool.

Heyne’s Wholesale Nursery’s Carl Heyne, who is overseeing the green wall, said to see it come to fruition after a long period of planning was awesome.

“This project was particularly exciting and fulfilling for me, especially knowing it will go on to be the emerald in the crown of Adelaide’s urban jungle,” Mr Heyne said.

“There’s no doubt at all that greening our cities makes people healthier.

“I think there’s a worldwide discussion around the importance of greening our cities.

“There’s a lot of talk about making the city of Adelaide carbon neutral and obviously green life is an integral part of that.”

Mr Heyne said green walls were more important than ever.

“With today’s smaller block sizes and larger living areas, one of the challengers that garden designers are now facing is how to ‘invade vertical space’,” Mr Heyne said.

“Green walls and vertical gardens are a great way of doing this.

“Not only do they serve an ornamental purpose; often softening formal hardscaping or giving background to the outlook from living areas but they can also serve very important functional purposes.”

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