Canada’s Top Design Firm Pledges Carbon Neutral Portfolio by 2030

DIALOG has officially joined a global community of design firms who are taking action against climate change by signing The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment. By signing onto the commitment, DIALOG has pledged to make its portfolio carbon neutral by 2030 by further advancing its approach to energy modeling and sustainable design.

The AIA 2030 Commitment is a framework for signatory firms to evaluate the impact of project design and energy performance. This includes global comparison data, standardized metrics, and proprietary and collaborative reporting tools to measure and report on progress. The AIA 2030 Commitment was created in response to The 2030 Challenge – an initiative by Architecture 2030, a non-profit think tank focused on turning climate change problems into solutions through the design of the built environment – that calls for all new buildings, developments, and major renovations to be carbon neutral by 2030. 

"City builders are in a unique position to increase responsibility and leadership in offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions caused by infrastructure,” Jim Anderson, chair of DIALOG. “Sustainability has long been a core design principle in our mission to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share, and the AIA2030’s rigorous metrics will hold us accountable.”

Specifically, DIALOG has committed to:

  1. Establish a team to guide the development and implementation of the firm’s plan within two months of the commitment date;
  2. Implement a minimum of four operational action items from the list provided within six months of signing the commitment;
  3. Develop a sustainability action plan that will demonstrate progress toward the AIA’s 2030 goals within one year of signing the commitment;
  4. Report on the progress of the firm’s design portfolio toward meeting the 2030 goals by using the AIA 2030 Design Data Exchange at the conclusion of the year, and each year thereafter.

Recent work from DIALOG includes LEED® platinum Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship and Education Centre and University of British Columbia’s Student Union Building. The firm is currently working on sustainable design strategies for the Government of Canada’s Arthur Meighen Building and University of Calgary’s MacKimmie Tower.

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