Fertility Management for Tomato Production on an Extensive Green Roof

Green roofs offer an alternative growing space to provide fresh vegetable products to urban
markets. The soil component is an important aspect of efficient green roof production systems
and adequate fertility levels are often lacking in media that are required to maximize plant
growth. This research project evaluated four fertilizer treatments on „Bush Champion II‟ tomato
(Solanum lycopersicum) growth and yield in a 7.62 cm green roof production system: (1)
vermicompost tea, 2) Miracle-Gro fertilizer, 3) Organic Miracle-Gro fertilizer, and 4) no
fertilizer. Treatments were applied weekly and ripe tomato fruit was harvested from June to
August. Results indicated that Miracle-Gro® provided the highest total tomato fruit yield, which
was 30% and 50% more in 2011 and 2012, respectively, compared to the next highest treatment -
Organic Miracle-Gro®. Plant vigor, chlorophyll content, and tomato yields indicated that
tomatoes can be successfully grown in a 7.62 cm green roof medium when given adequate
fertilizer applications.